Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room – Jeff Bezos


Whether you call it diplomacy or hypocrisy, people don’t like to be unkind to others. In their presence.

You will find them nodding in agreement or smiling in support, even when they don’t believe in you, or what you do.

So, you may come back elated after a pitch, feeling you have cracked it. Or grow in confidence when you see a sea of smiles around you.

But these same people have a different tale to spin, as soon as you leave the room.

So, what’s your real brand? What people say in front of you, or what they say behind your back?

You can live in a fool’s paradise if you believe that your brand is what people say in front of you.

Good and successful brands are spoken of well in front or behind someone’s back.

Because that’s what’s the true opinion of people.

So good brands have their ears to the ground. Listening closely to what people are saying, behind them, as that will propel them forward.

With over three decades of Brand Building behind us, we help brands across domains to plan, build positive brands that are well judged, and stay ahead in competitive markets.

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