Unarmed Robbery

People come prepared to listen to a good presentation.

The presenter, however comes unprepared.

With no tools up his sleeve, the presenter falls woefully short of the audience’s expectations.

Result. They feel cheated, short-changed, and robbed of their precious time.

Every presentation is an opportunity.

The ability of each employee to use each and every presentation to generate possibilities, create opportunities, build relationships, and move up in the eyes of the audience.

From sales pitches to training lectures, good presentation and public speaking skills are key to many influential roles in today’s business world. The good news about presenting is that you can improve with practice.

A mere 7% of comprehension from an audience is based on what was communicated and 93% is based on how it was communicated. Presentation matters a lot!

So, what are you going to steal?

Hearts or Yawns.

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