Two Sides of Branding

What’s more important? Content or Packaging

If your last birthday cake was flooded with candles, chances are that you believe more in content. However if you had fewer candles it means that probably you believe more in packaging.

For ages, people and businesses were judged by their content, what they were made of. Strong foundations, sound business practices, and good fundamentals were those that met the approval of the people. Packaging was considered just an optional extra that completed an otherwise perfect picture.

As people and markets have evolved, so have the evaluation processes. Today, packaging has taken centre-stage and is inseparable from the person, product or service. And there’s where branding makes a compelling presence.

The evaluation processes have turned full circle. If you don’t make the right first impression, or don’t tick the right boxes in the minds of the people, you don’t move to the next level in their mind space. You don’t make the cut. You are simply abandoned.

While this is true on an elementary level, it doesn’t stop there. Brands are getting more sensory and real. People are defining which brands they want to be seen with and those they don’t. So marketers are spending the midnight oil to get into their mind spaces and eventually seek their acceptance.

Branding has now to shoulder the entire burden of breakthrough. It can make or break the marketability of a person, product or service that is full of promise inside. It has to create an external appeal that will induce people to break the shell and look inside.

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