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Kindle the Spark within


Most Indian festivals are a spectacle of lights. They exhibit brightness, vigour and celebration.

For ages the lighting of a lamp has been a sacred symbol. A symbol to connect with the light within. The spark that keeps us lively, bright and healthy.

Darkness, on the other hand symbolizes depression, dullness, and decay.

So is life about stark light and dark, or the shades in-between?

Does light switch off one day to bring complete darkness and switch on another day to bring total brightness suddenly?

The distance between one end of brightness and darkness can be a lifetime, or a fraction of a second.

You may gradually achieve what you set out for and feel accomplished only towards your advanced years of life, or you could see your entire world crash to pieces in a matter of seconds.

So, what purpose do these festivals serve in our lives?

While it’s true, that each of us can find our happiness or sadness within, these festivals do create opportunities.

They provide an occasion to recharge, restart, or reboot.

While the external light provides the ray of hope, it doesn’t have the firepower to keep it burning till its next arrival.

The fire has to be kindled from the spark within.

Happy Diwali!

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