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Teacher Krishna!

Is it coincidental that Teacher’s Day and Janmashtmi have concurred this year?

Krishna is known in many ways, but the role that remains sublime is that of a Teacher.

An interesting episode during Mahabharta becomes a defining moment in history.

Many efforts from various peacemakers make the war inevitable and both the sides, the Kauravas and the Pandavas are canvassing for support for their respective factions.

Duryodhan from the Kauravas, and Arjuna from the Pandavas land almost simultaneously to solicit the support of Krishna.

He declares that he will not fight, but his army is available on one side, and he as a mentor to the other. Arjuna unhesitatingly opts for Krishna. But Krishna reminds him that he will not fight or even pick up a weapon. Arjuna reaffirms his choice, much to the delight of Duryodhan who can’t believe the folly of his stupid cousin.

History, however proves that the teacher alone is more valuable than the entire army and makes the defining difference to the outcome of the war.

Teachers are rarely beside you in your wars. You have to fight yourself. But what they profess, teach, and impart becomes an invaluable part of you.

Happy Students Day!

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Teachers Everywhere

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Festivals come once in a year but festivities are round the year.

Teachers Day comes once a year but teachers are with you, throughout the year.

Is learning the essence of life?

Not to everyone.

There are some who believe, and rightly so, that action is all that matters. Learning is the fuel, action is what puts it into motion.

There are others who have a cordial relationship with learning. They open their doors to learning once in a while- to let in some guests who are otherwise unwelcome generally.

And there are others who consider learning as an intruder and keep their senses on full alert to thwart any attempts from this unwanted intrusion in their zone of comfort.

To each his own. And we can rarely find fault with the different approaches. After all each of us has a right to decide how we wish to lead our lives, our priorities, our interests, grow, or evolve.

Gautam Buddha too was living in a blissful state of ignorance, in the lap of luxury, till he decided to explore and discover himself. This reveals two things – one, you can change course in life at any time, and two, it’s never too late.

Is learning self-realisation? Is it education? Is it discovery?

Does learning happen, or is it delivered by a teacher?

Can one learn without a teacher?

What role does a teacher have?

Teachers are not labelled. They may not necessarily be human. They may not be physically present. You can learn from a story, an anecdote, an observation, a thought.

You can stay untouched though surrounded by teachers, and you can learn despite the absence of teachers. The essence of learning is not what is being taught, but what is being learnt. And for that it is not the teacher in front of you, but the learner in you that seeks the teacher.

For those who seek teachers, they keep looking. For those who seek learning – teachers are everywhere.

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