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Half gone, or Half left?


The beginning of July is an apt reminder of one half of the year gone by, and the other to come.

Time and again, it has been advocated and proven that those who work with goals, and timelines are those that achieve them, or get more out of life than others.

Do you think it is true?

Consider someone who’s carefree, without a plan, or direction drifting away as times lead him. Spiritually it may seem an ecstatic state, but in reality, rather than be peaceful such a person is lazy, indifferent or unconcerned about achievement.

On the other hand, someone who has a goal, a method, and a timeline, may not always achieve it but is always having a sense of purpose and direction.

It makes people evaluate both their efforts and achievement to avoid complacency and ensure their life is meaningful and ensure they are towards the path of progress.

This midpoint of the year is an excellent opportunity to review the half gone by. Reinforce the objectives, renew the energies, or rework the strategies on the basis of the review.

And if you haven’t begun. May be this is another milestone for a nudge, to yourself.

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