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A New Beginning and Fresh Start

The Five Days of Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is the Indian festival that brings a series of festivals with it. One after another, we get a chance to celebrate five ceremonious occasions.

Rituals and preparations for Diwali begin days or weeks in advance. The festival formally begins two days before the night of Diwali, and ends two days thereafter.

Diwali – Day One

Diwali – Day Two

Diwali – Day Three

Diwali – Day Four

Diwali – Day Five

For some people, Diwali marks the start of a new year and a new beginning and a time for personal reassessment of their life: their personal and family accomplishments, their contributions to society and the poor, their strengths and weaknesses and making plans for a new beginning and fresh start.

Before Diwali, people spend a lot of time and energy cleaning and sweeping their homes and their environment and buy new items for their house to make their homes and environment more attractive.

Swami Chidanand Saraswati asks, ‘But, what about our hearts? When was the last time we swept out our hearts? When did we last empty them of all the dirt and garbage that has accumulated throughout our lives? That is the real cleaning we must do. That is the real meaning of “starting fresh.”

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