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Sometimes I wonder what the world would be if there were no benchmarks. No expectations from a person, product, or service.

You treated each person afresh each time you met them, you tried out every product each time you tested every service as if you had no idea of what to expect.

Standards. The world lives by them. They help you set your expectations, decide in favour of or against a product or service, or grade them as per your choice.

In pure terms standards are neither poor nor good. They are what they stand for, what is expected of them, and what they deliver.

In the minds of people, these standards get classified in buckets as per their choices and preferences.

A foodie may be more concerned about the standard of food than the service at the eatery and therefore rates it high compared to someone who values the service equally or higher and therefore may disapprove of the standards of the eatery.

Standards in simple terms also mean consistency. It means the predictability of a product, service, or behaviour.

A lot has been talked about excellence. Excellence is not being outstanding. It is just beginning by having a consistency in your deliverables, and gradually raising them to a point of consistency.

And then excellence becomes a standard.

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