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Olympic Dreams


Many events occur in our lives. Some come and pass by innocuously, some make their presence felt while they are around, and some leave an indelible imprint on our lives.

Once every four years comes an event which touches in many ways. It is not a symbol of competition, achievement, or even excellence. It embodies the spirit of human existence.

Yes, it’s Olympics time.

I must confess that in moments of introspection, I do sometimes think about the never-ending flurry of activity in the world, the madness so to say, of people seeking to achieve more, and wonder whether there’s any need for it.

Nature has devised a wonderful process of self-sufficiency. There’s enough for everybody. The flora and fauna has an unrushed pattern of growth. Birds live a contented life and sing happily. The animals have a cyclical journey and seem to enjoy their existence.

Then why do humans, who have an option to peacefully live their lives, choose to push themselves higher: towards bigger goals, towards greater heights and aspire better benchmarks.

Let’s face it: What material benefit will the world derive if someone betters the mark by a fraction of a second?; how will it affect the world if someone swims the laps a little faster than the others; how would the weightlifter add some weight to the purpose of the world?; how will a team’s win add to the victory cup of the world?

Events such as Olympics provide the answers.

Humans differ from other living organisms essentially in one area – the spirit of achievement.

Humans alone possess the indomitable spirit to challenge themselves to bigger goals. They have dreams and desires and can dedicate their lives towards this purpose.

In pursuit of their dreams and desires, these achievers experience a sense of fulfilment, and it is this contagious spirit that forms the edifice of human existence.

They manifest that human life is not about survival but conquering new heights.

Though events such as these come after long intervals, they serve only as a reminder to all of us to reach inside us.

Reach inside and dig into that spirit that will set our sights on higher goals and in turn inspire others to pursue their dreams.

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