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Tale One – Inspiration

The Navratri festival is probably the most vibrant festival of India. Spreading across the expanse of India it is celebrated in different hues in different parts of the country each imparting its own flavour.

This is the only festival that lasts nine days and culminates with Dushera. A celebration of the triumph of good over evil.

There are enough tales, plots and sub plots to keep an inquisitive reader engaged for months. Here is a selection of short stories. One story for each of these ten days, to learn more about what made this such an absorbing contest.

Tales of one who had ten heads, yet not a sound mind.

Tale One – Inspiration

One day, Kuber, came to see his parents boarded on his aircraft- Pushpak Viman. After he returned to Lanka, Ravan, who was very much impressed by Kuber’s royal appearance asked his mother, Kaikasi, who was this person and from where has he acquired such an amazing aircraft? Kaikasi revealed to Ravan that the guest was none other than his step-brother Kuber, the son of his step mother – Mandakini.  Kuber had made his mother proud by his conduct, but she herself was ashamed of her son, Ravan because of his inconsequential existence. He was no better than a worm.

Ravan decided to prove his mother wrong by acquiring insurmountable power and authority. Ravan went to the forest and performed an austere penance for ten thousand years by standing on one foot. He fixed his gaze at the sun and never for a moment did he remove his gaze from it. At last, Lord Brahma was pleased and blessed Ravan with a vast kingdom.

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