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Teacher Krishna!

Is it coincidental that Teacher’s Day and Janmashtmi have concurred this year?

Krishna is known in many ways, but the role that remains sublime is that of a Teacher.

An interesting episode during Mahabharta becomes a defining moment in history.

Many efforts from various peacemakers make the war inevitable and both the sides, the Kauravas and the Pandavas are canvassing for support for their respective factions.

Duryodhan from the Kauravas, and Arjuna from the Pandavas land almost simultaneously to solicit the support of Krishna.

He declares that he will not fight, but his army is available on one side, and he as a mentor to the other. Arjuna unhesitatingly opts for Krishna. But Krishna reminds him that he will not fight or even pick up a weapon. Arjuna reaffirms his choice, much to the delight of Duryodhan who can’t believe the folly of his stupid cousin.

History, however proves that the teacher alone is more valuable than the entire army and makes the defining difference to the outcome of the war.

Teachers are rarely beside you in your wars. You have to fight yourself. But what they profess, teach, and impart becomes an invaluable part of you.

Happy Students Day!

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