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Spotlight on Leonardo DiCaprio and Brand Oscars


Ever wondered why Oscars gather so much attention and emotion?

There are many awards but Oscars has maintained its Brand. It is therefore no surprise that it remains the most sought after and the pinnacle for an artiste.

Brand Management makes Oscars the Brand that it is.

So ‘Spotlight’ is in the spotlight winning the Best Picture award.

A Best Picture needs more than just a great performance by an individual. It needs stellar contributions from most of its constituents. Each works not to shine individually, but collectively.

‘Spotlight’ has proved that it is the floodlight that got it into the spotlight.

Brands are no different.

And finally Leonardo DiCaprio has proved the idiom – It takes twenty years to make an overnight success.

In Leonardo’s case – twenty three. Brands work tirelessly towards their goals irrespective of when the acknowledgement arrives. For them it is always work-in-progress.

There’s a lot to learn from Brands, as they provide lessons to every facet of life.

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Testimony of April 1st

Across the globe April 1st is celebrated and is sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day. It is a day that is marked with hoaxes, practical jokes and ridicule that takes various forms and shapes.

I meet some people who give me an impression that they are celebrating April 1st round the year. Like making tall promises; making promises to show up, which they don’t; or making commitments which they have no intention to honour.

You would have heard of the boy who cried wolf. The tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his flock. He probably celebrated April 1st once too often which resulted in the wolf actually putting in an appearance and destroying the flock whilst his cries fell on deaf ears.

Reputation: Brands are nothing but a string of dots. People behave in a certain fashion and that establishes a pattern in the mind. Some companies have a reputation for reliable products whilst some are known to have cheap and affordable products which may however not last long. Some are innovative, others run of the mill. People show up on time, punctuality being one of their virtues whilst some don’t show up at all nor do they bother to inform. Their behaviour registers a pattern which becomes their brand.

Commitment: Brands are etched in the minds of the people. Both good and bad impressions leave a mark. A poor experience may take years to erase from memory and a great experience can be cherished for life. These are a result of the commitments that brands make to deliver what they promise and the experiences they wish to leave in people’s minds. Everyone encounters trials and adversity in one form or the other. Their commitment towards what they wish and choose to do makes their brand equity higher than the others.

Talk: At the bottom of this brand value is talk. Some don’t walk their talk seriously nor do they expect others to take them seriously.

Brands are built tirelessly by people who are serious about their commitments. They understand that there are some April foolers and they choose to use this day to remind themselves that unless they work towards what they say, what they commit, and what they deliver, their brands would appear to be as ridiculous as some of the pranks played by people on this day.

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