Stand and Deliver

Pirates and highway robbers did it at high seas and highways.

Presenters do it too, at meetings and presentations.

They demand they be heard.

While audiences are not in as precarious positions as their counterparts, they do feel they are held to ransom.

Meetings and presentations are time for sacred attention. With ground rules of no interruptions or cellphones, the audience has little choice but to surrender their undivided attention to the presenter.

But what they witness is a daylight robbery.

From sales pitches to training lectures, good presentation and public speaking skills are key to many influential roles in today’s business world. The good news about presenting is that you can improve with practice.

A mere 7% of comprehension from an audience is based on what was communicated and 93% is based on how it was communicated. Presentation matters a lot!

People are not fixed-resources. With supportive leadership, sufficient challenges, minimal stress, and a healthy lifestyle they can be transformed into the best versions of themselves. Their innate talents can evolve.

Stand Tall!

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