Spotlight on Leonardo DiCaprio and Brand Oscars


Ever wondered why Oscars gather so much attention and emotion?

There are many awards but Oscars has maintained its Brand. It is therefore no surprise that it remains the most sought after and the pinnacle for an artiste.

Brand Management makes Oscars the Brand that it is.

So ‘Spotlight’ is in the spotlight winning the Best Picture award.

A Best Picture needs more than just a great performance by an individual. It needs stellar contributions from most of its constituents. Each works not to shine individually, but collectively.

‘Spotlight’ has proved that it is the floodlight that got it into the spotlight.

Brands are no different.

And finally Leonardo DiCaprio has proved the idiom – It takes twenty years to make an overnight success.

In Leonardo’s case – twenty three. Brands work tirelessly towards their goals irrespective of when the acknowledgement arrives. For them it is always work-in-progress.

There’s a lot to learn from Brands, as they provide lessons to every facet of life.

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