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Tots, Teens, and Tycoons

Remember your childhood?

Pure, Innocent, and Energetic.

Full of beans, excited about life, waiting to conquer the world.

And then. You grew up.

What happened?

We begin life with a can of pure white paint. No opinions. No prejudices. No pre-conceived notions.

And then as we move along, we start tinting the pure positive white mind with the negativity that we gather from our experiences.

From hues, it takes on the shades of perceptions and prejudices. So much so that we are unable to recollect the colour we began with.

On this special day, rewind, recount, and revisit the glory of your childhood. The simplicity of life, the enthusiasm of making things happen, and the confidence of becoming what you had dreamt to be.

Don’t go through life. Grow through life.

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