Burgers, Chips, and Vacancy


I was taken aback to see a banner advertising a vacancy at McDonalds.

It tickled my branding senses. Was it the new order?

I have seen such vacancy placards at small shops who could neither attract good talent, nor afford to advertise for recruitment. They were also targeted at locals who may be looking for such opportunities.

Branding is a sacred exercise. What you reveal is not a slip, but showcased by design. In my learning of branding I was amazed to know that tons of food material and renovation stuff is carted in and out of five star hotels but as a customer you see nothing. It is part of the design, and the brand image.

So, am a bit confused with this banner.

Is it a casual branding approach by an international giant? I hope not.

Is it the desperation of the situation? Unable to get good talent through other mediums, have they been forced, as a last resort. Sounds likely, as the banner has been there for over a month.

Brands are built diligently and nurtured with care and attention.

Hope you build yours with care.

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