We are Brand Consultants, Brand Architects, and Brand Services Providers.

We understand Brands.

We have spent three decades understanding them.

This has enabled us to offer our services across three verticals: Brand Engagement, Brand Consulting, and Brand L & D.

In the past three decades we have accumulated a rich experience serving clients of all sizes, from SMEs to MNCs, across diverse industries – FMCG, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, etc.

Over the years we have developed an in-depth Branding knowledge and built capabilities to offer an impressive repertoire of services that can give our clients’ businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace.

With eminent clients like Johnson & Johnson, Castrol, Birla Lifestyle, and ITC amongst others we have catered to varied assignments under the branding umbrella.

Parichay has been recognized for its holistic approach, and a bird’s eye view to the brand as a whole.

Parichay has gradually built a reputation for providing creative solutions and setting new benchmarks to serve demanding clients.